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Featuring real-life stories of people who have found hope and meaning in the midst of life’s struggles, Heads Up: Changing Minds on Mental Health is the go-to guide for teenagers and young adults who want to know about mental health, mental illness, trauma and recovery.

Heads Up is available from Orca Books or your local bookstore.


HEADS UP shines a light on the troubled history of thinking about and treating mental illness and tells the stories of courageous pioneers in the field of psychiatry who fought for more compassionate, respectful and effective treatments. It provides a helpful guide to the major mental health diagnoses along with ideas and resources to support those who are suffering.

But it also moves beyond a biomedical focus and considers the latest science that shows how trauma and social inequality impact mental health. The book explores how mental health is more than just “in our heads” and includes the voices of Indigenous people who share a more holistic way of thinking about wellness, balancing mind, body, heart and spirit. Highlighting innovative approaches such as trauma-informed activities like yoga and hip-hop, mobile crisis teams, and peer support for youth, Heads Up shares the stories of people who are sparking change.

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★ “Informative, diverse, and highly engaging; a much-needed addition to the realm of mental health.”

School Library Journal

“[A] helpful handbook…In easy-to-read chapters, Siebert skillfully breaks down what mental health is…An informative and nonintimidating work; a suitable addition for libraries needing to add to their mental health collection.”

School Library Connection

“A sense of respect imbues every page…Everything in this book reassures the troubled teen that they are not alone, need not suffer in silence, and can forge a unique pathway to wellness. The value of this book cannot be overstated or underestimated.”

Canadian Children’s Book News

“A wonderful introduction to society’s ever-evolving relationship with understanding mental illness.”

National Council for the Social Studies

A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People